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If you have received an infringement and wish to appeal it, please fill out this form providing as much detail as you can.

Before lodging your appeal, please note:

- The City must receive your appeal within 28 days of the infringement being issued, or a Final Demand will be issued which will occur an additional charge.
- Make sure you keep a copy of your appeal for your own records.
- All appeals lodged will be assessed within 10 working days.
- The City will provide a written response advising you of the outcome of your appeal.
- If you don't receive a response within 10 days of submitting your appeal online, please contact the City of Belmont Rangers on 9477 7222.
- All appeals are treated confidentially.
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When the City assesses an appeal it must be done in a manner that administers the City of Belmont Consolidated Local Law 2020 in a consistent manner.

As such, before submitting an appeal please consider whether:

- there has been some deficiency in the issuing of the infringement notice (eg, factual error)
- the offence was not committed (eg my car was not parked in that location, in excess of the prescribed period or contrary to other signage conditions)

An appeal must address and adequately challenge these criteria. With this in mind, the following circumstances or responses would be unlikely to satisfy the above criteria:

Vehicle infringement
- My appointment went over time.
- I lost track of the time.
- I was delayed because I had to take an important phone call.
- I only parked a few minutes longer than the permitted time.
- I didn't see or understand the parking sign.
- I didn't know the parking rules.
- I thought that you were allowed to park there.
- There was nowhere else to park.
- Council needs to provide more parking.

Animal infringement
- My dog was only off-lead for a short time.
- Since receiving the infringement I have now registered or microchipped my dog or cat.
- My dog only got out because someone else left the door or gate open.
- My dog only ran, jumped, or rushed towards the other person or animal and didn’t cause any injuries.
- My dog only inflicted a small bite or scratch.
- It was the first time my dog has done anything wrong.
- I don't own the dog, I was just walking or looking after it at the time.
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